Friday, April 30, 2010

Letting Go of Who I Was

This past year has been hugely transformational for me. I am still in the midst of this change. From time to time I fall...I mourn. Sadness washes over me as I realize I am not who I once was. The experience is not sad though. I know this. Although my immediate reaction may be melancholy, I am able to shift quickly now. I shift to a grateful acceptance of the new me.

Friendships have changed. How my time is spent has changed. My intentions have changed. I have shed a lot of old skin and emerged anew! It's not always pleasant, but it is absolutely necessary and so worth it.

I used to identify myself with so many external things. This, I thought, helped me to know my worth in the world. I would question "Is my job good enough? Do I make enough money? Do we live in a nice enough neighbourhood? Am I smart enough?". Of course all of this was meaningless. Being in competition leads to misery every single time. Life is not a race.

And so I work on shedding these things. I get better and better at it everyday. Who I really am is not concerned with how much money I make. My authentic self is concerned only with creative expression of my divine purpose! As I let go of the labels I used to love, I become more me...the me who will not be defined because I am constantly evolving!

This is freedom. This is peace.

I am still learning and I often need reminders. I make sure to surround myself with people who do just that. Time alone is most important though. The voice within knows better than anyone else what I need to work on and where I need more love. Being at peace with my own journey is so key. I am who I am today because of all that has happened up until this very moment. And though it is necessary to let go of who I was, I have love for every thought, action and feeling that has led me here.

I know I did my best.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Are Here To Serve

There exists in every one of us a gift. This gift is unique to each of us and we are meant to express it in our own individual ways. As Deepak Chopra says: "There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle." We each have a purpose. We are all meant to be here in this time and space. We are here to serve one another.

You may think "Who am I to serve the world and make it better?", but really...Who are you *not* to do so? Why aren't you special? We all share the same Earth, breathe the same air and are warmed by the same sun. We are all connected and needed. No individual talent is better or greater than another. When we align ourselves with the truth of who we are it is always going to benefit the greater good.

A daycare provider who adores children is just as important as the person cleaning up litter who is just as wonderful as the researcher who helps to cure a fatal disease.

There is something within you longing to be expressed. There is something within you that the world needs now. To live in fear is not truly living. When we all choose to live in Love we begin to live authentically calling forth the very essence of who we are. We are loving, giving spirits and we are here to serve. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen. Your calling is calling...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweet Inspiration

Inspiration. We could debate for days about where is comes from, but the point of this post is to suggest that we not ignore it. Ever.

So often in our adult lives we feel separated and cut off from those around us. He has a better job, she lives in a bad neighbourhood, they'll never understand what I'm going through...these are the kind of thoughts we have about the people we know. Of course this is false. We are not separate. We have more in common with all life on earth than we realize.

We are all connected and the realization of this connection opens us up to inspiration. We step out of the darkness of fear and into the beautiful light of love. I don't use the word "love" to imply sugary romance, but rather our true fearless nature.

Inspiration can come in many forms, but it always starts as a thought. You are the gatekeeper of your thoughts, so when inspiration comes knocking...listen. If the idea seems too big or out of reach, try not to discount it altogether. Chances are this is your Fear talking anyways. Rather, try and map it out. Are there some sweet, small steps you can take? Think of inspiration as that caring, maternal part of you that always has your best interest at heart.

You are meant for greatness. You define that greatness. Inspiration is that push...that nudge to get you moving forward. Leave your fear behind. Listen to that voice inside that knows you are capable of anything. Because you are.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shine Your Light!

How happy does it make you to hide out? How joyful is it to stay quiet and hold back your ideas?

When love outweighs fear we become brave. We live bigger; we dream bigger. In short, we grow! There is so much to experience outside the confines of our homes. There are people to meet, opportunities to take and breathtaking sights to behold! All of it is there for us. We are the only ones standing in our way. We are the ones we've been waiting for. You are your own knight in shining armour and you ROCK!

Yes, you may you pick yourself up. Yes, you may be laughed you smile knowingly and move on. Conquering your fear and LIVING is what it is all about. You become more of yourself when you step into love and follow your heart.

Know that you were born for a purpose...that there is something you have to offer the world that we all need. Shine your light. We would all be grateful if you would.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You Can Be That Too

There are lots of people who I admire. It may be how they do business, how they manage money, the way they speak or any number of things. What I have decided to do is to be that too.

I don't mean copying or imitating. I truly mean BE-ing.

I have decided to observe the people who inspire and move me to be better and to take on what they do. By applying their methods to my own life, I practice a new way of being. I shift my perception and also, shift how others perceive me.

For instance, I have always been a fast-talker. When I get excited about something or feel I have some expertise to offer, my mouth is off like a rocket! I get to the point where I am just spewing out words to take over the conversation. There's barely room for breath! I admire people who talk slowly...who command attention by speaking with gentle authority. So I now practice this. Sometimes I practice silently to myself, but mostly I have begun to apply this technique when I speak to anybody about anything! I am transformed. Truly. I have become a person who listens patiently and speaks calmly. I am that and everyone else knows it too.

Remember that we are surrounded by people who teach us. When someone else's actions speak to you in a way that lifts you up, making you want to reach for more, be that. Meditate on it, practice it and you can be that too.