Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patience is Not Waiting

GUEST POST by: Stan Sanderson

“What most of us dislike about being patient―is the waiting!”

…which is not one of our favorite things to do. Patience requires that we stop all current activity, both talking about and worrying about whatever it is, and trusting that it will resolve appropriately in due course. They tell us that patience is a virtue. But most of us see it as a pain in the butt. We hate to wait!

However, in reality, patience has absolutely nothing to do with waiting! On the contrary, if we practice patience by waiting, we have not stopped all current activity―we’re waiting! And, because we’re actively waiting, we’ll be aware that whatever we’re waiting for hasn’t happened yet. Then, rather than experiencing the quiet detachment, which is inherent in the actual practice of patience, we’re stuck with the frustration of having to wait!

And, of course, as we recognize that we’re waiting, and that nothing has happened yet, we begin the process of rethinking the whole idea, and trying to establish a new plan of action. Maybe there’s something we’ve overlooked that could make things happen sooner―like now for instance! Or, perhaps someone else has a suggestion or an answer that would get the ball rolling. Oh, how we hate to wait!

Patience―is not waiting! Patience is having decided that we’ve done all that could reasonably be done at the moment, and that whatever is next to happen, will happen at the appropriate time, and we let go of all activity―including waiting―until it does. Patience is indeed a virtue, and a true expression of faith in action. Patience is a blissful “now” experience, which carries no anxiety or concern about the eventual outcome. Otherwise it’s just waiting―and we hate to wait! Try it, and see what happens! God blesses you.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

If I Can Be of Service

My interests have changed a lot in the past couple years. I have changed. Different people surround me now and yet a lot of those who I have loved for so long are still here too. There is a lovely balance that is being brought back to my life. I can mix the old with the new and love it all. I hide out no longer and the truth feels AMAZING.

Being surrounded by various people with their own missions and agendas can get a little overwhelming for us though. At least I know it can for me. I like my time with my husband & children and I also love time alone. This means I can get a little choosy when it comes to how I spend any remaining time. So my inner guide helps me along.

And now instinctively I think: If I can be of service, then yes, I will do this. It has helped so much and allows me to move through my life without guilt and without regret. When I choose to do something, it is with the intention that I am helping another and that there are loving consequences to this. My time is precious as is yours. We need to bring as much love as possible to any given situation and we cannot do that if we're doing something we do not really want to. To quote Jewel: "No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from". Think: What's driving me here? If you are coming from a place of guilt or seeking approval, rethink it.

But if you can be of service, consider it. If there is a way to apply the gifts you have in order to help someone out, give it a shot. This is why we are here. And this is what makes us feel good. We all want to be loved and noticed but we often go about this in very unhealthy ways. So this is a good gut-check. If I can be of service and can approach this task with love, then let's do it. Let's work together. Let's shine a light in the dark. Let's change the world.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Take the Arm and Be Led

I'm just going to say it: You matter. You are not just here to answer phones, wipe baby bums, mow lawns or pump gas. You are a gifted, talented child of the Universe and we need you. Drown out those self-defeating thoughts with a faith so strong that it brings tears to your eyes. Know that there is only one You and no one could take Your place.

If you'd only relax. If you'd only breathe. If you'd only close your eyes and remember who you are. You have been caught up in the push and pull of the demands of the world, but that is not who you are.

Take the gentle, loving hand of the Universe and lead each other where you may. Be the blind man with his walking cane taking the arm of his amour in complete faith and say: "I know you will bring me where I need to go. I love you. I trust you. I am you and you are me."

There is an energy, a being, a force that holds you dear...that knows you...the real you. Let go of what you think are your limits. Let go of what others would impose upon you. Focus solely on the very essence of your being. Resolve to live in Love. Decide to be in Peace. Surrender all that no longer serves you and begin again. You are all that we have been waiting for. And we have missed you so.