Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Love At Your Back

When I finally admitted to myself that which my soul knew all along I sighed. It was as if, in an instant, my whole body just relaxed. That important concession was this: I am not alone. None of us are alone. And this is so incredible to know! What is it you want to do? What do you feel compelled to share today? And now that you are aware of this loving energy that surrounds you, can you approach your task with confidence? Can you face your world with determination now?

For too long I wallowed. I lamented that life was hard...that I would have to struggle and succumb to that which I did not desire to do. This is a lie. We are not victims of life, we are conscious creators of it. All that surrounds you was created by you. You, with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, vibration made all that is within your grasp.

So now the question is: are you happy with your creation? If not, may I suggest a conscious life partnership? I speak not of husband nor wife, but of a co-creation with the spirit that moves you. There is a loving force that some call God, others the Universe, or intuition or Allah or Krishna. (I could go on. We have great love for that which bestow many names!) And you may be helped by this force at anytime.

Just be willing.
And then breathe.
Ask for help.
Be patient.
And then one day...

You will wake up with a knowing so deep and so pure that you will want to cry out! Or maybe for you it will be slow-brewing faith. However it shows up for you is unimportant, but I can promise you this: when that sweet knowing shows up, you will recognize it for what it is...the truth. And the truth is that we are not alone. You go through life guided. You approach every situation with a force that has only your highest and best interest at heart. You spread your wings with love at your back. And with that, my friend, you fly.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

I Heart Truth

It has been an endeavour of mine these past 11 months to speak the acknowledge what is and to not hold back. I realized just a few minutes ago that I have. I have held back.


The possession of it, the lack of it, the spending of it has been a recurring theme in my life with my husband. We had a mindset that led us to believe we never had enough and that there was always something on the horizon that would keep us from saving or getting ahead in any way.

Such lies.

The truth is that the only thing standing between us and financial abundance was,! As long as we felt like we were lacking, that would be our experience. It has not mattered if we have both been employed, one of us unemployed, being sued, or on parental leave; we have always had enough. No one has ever come with an eviction notice, and our cars have never been towed away in the middle of the night. (And if this is your reality it is merely a stronger, louder lesson.) We did however get the phone calls, had to borrow from parents and took out way too much credit. This we did because we were not listening...were not paying attention. We are always taken care of, loved, encouraged and empowered by the Universe.

Not just too.

There were always lessons waiting in the wings. We could ignore them, deny them, but they would keep coming on and would grow in intensity. Our lesson was: you have more than enough; you can pursue your dream, we need you to do so. This showed up in many ways: loss of jobs, larger than normal bills, unexpected cheques, lawsuits, chance meetings, inspirational books etc. These things happen everyday and if we actually pay attention, the miracles can occur!

It just keeps getting better.

While living in the red for so long took its toll emotionally, physically and spiritually, it taught us some HUGE lessons about how the Universe works. You get what you give. We feel prosperous. We have deep appreciation for all that exists in our lives at this very moment. We have a strong need to give back, to serve. As a result, our lives and our bank balances are drastically changed. The truth is like that. And my truth is: I have more than enough and I always have.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Things

A few months ago I sent a card to a friend saying: “We are meant for BIG things.” At the time that note came out of a vision I had had. The vision was of a book authored by my friend with an endorsement from me on the back. This vision excited me. It felt real and it still does. I saw success; I saw achievement; I saw peace.

The realization I had today was this: I’m already doing big things. (And so is my friend by the way.) I’ve been doing big things ever since I made the decision to stop living small. For me this happened as soon as I made the choice to quit a job I did not enjoy in pursuit of something better: in pursuit of cultivating my God-given talents, my purpose. I was starting to shine my light in a much bigger way than ever before.

And now I am setting an example for my children. I am being the person I am meant to be and since I want no less than that for them, this is huge. They can count on me to be honest. I have nothing to hide. And the reality is that I learn so much more about myself & life being at home with them than I ever did in 6 years of working in offices.

If I am going to teach anyone about living my truth I want it to be my children.

I have no need for fame. I do, however, want the message to be famous and I am willing to be a messenger for self-love and truth. There are a lot of people who need to be woken up and I say it here and now: it begins at home. I do this inner work at home and it spreads from there. It multiplies!

Oh yes I am doing big things! Woven in with the tea parties, the diaper changes and the bedtime stories are countless moments of love and peace. The message that we create our own lives and that only love is real is going viral and I am honoured to be a part of spreading that bug!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Because It's Time

You have come so far. All you have done has been done to get you here. None of it has been wasted. You have done what you needed to do...nothing less than that. It's all profound; it's all worthwhile, because it has led you here. And on this precipice it dawns on you: the time is now.

It is time to look within. It is time to question: Why do I do what I do? Because there is a way to live deeper. There is a way to do what only you can, but you have to let go. Let go of what you think is expected of you and begin to set your own expectations. Love those who think they know what's best for you and thank them for their view as you smile and know that truly this is your quest. Only you decide.

But this is a collaborative Universe. So get ready to let Love in! Because once you decide it's time to live to the fullest, you'll soon discover you're not on your own. You have free will, but there a breeze that rustles your scarf...a wind that whips through your coat. It moves you. And if you are willing, it moves you toward your highest good.

So let go. Because it's time. You are loved; you were loved all along. And now that you are awake, let's get dressed and let's go to work.

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