Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Love At Your Back

When I finally admitted to myself that which my soul knew all along I sighed. It was as if, in an instant, my whole body just relaxed. That important concession was this: I am not alone. None of us are alone. And this is so incredible to know! What is it you want to do? What do you feel compelled to share today? And now that you are aware of this loving energy that surrounds you, can you approach your task with confidence? Can you face your world with determination now?

For too long I wallowed. I lamented that life was hard...that I would have to struggle and succumb to that which I did not desire to do. This is a lie. We are not victims of life, we are conscious creators of it. All that surrounds you was created by you. You, with your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, vibration made all that is within your grasp.

So now the question is: are you happy with your creation? If not, may I suggest a conscious life partnership? I speak not of husband nor wife, but of a co-creation with the spirit that moves you. There is a loving force that some call God, others the Universe, or intuition or Allah or Krishna. (I could go on. We have great love for that which bestow many names!) And you may be helped by this force at anytime.

Just be willing.
And then breathe.
Ask for help.
Be patient.
And then one day...

You will wake up with a knowing so deep and so pure that you will want to cry out! Or maybe for you it will be slow-brewing faith. However it shows up for you is unimportant, but I can promise you this: when that sweet knowing shows up, you will recognize it for what it is...the truth. And the truth is that we are not alone. You go through life guided. You approach every situation with a force that has only your highest and best interest at heart. You spread your wings with love at your back. And with that, my friend, you fly.

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